Norwood Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars (NSF Dollars for Scholars) is a publicly supported non-profit organization incorporated under the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NSF Dollars for Scholars is dedicated to the encouragement, advancement and support of the students of the Town of Norwood. Since its inception in 1985, NSF Dollars for Scholars has awarded over $1,300,000.00 in aid money to over 1,100 students from the Town of Norwood. NSF Dollars for Scholars is unique in fund raising in that all officers and members of the Board of Directors are volunteers. We have no administrative expenses, no salaries, no rent or payments for utilities. All scholarships are awarded to Norwood students.

The purpose of NSF Dollars for Scholars is to assist and encourage residents of Norwood to obtain post-secondary cultural, vocational or professional education. NSF Dollars for Scholars will accomplish this purpose by being the entity to which individuals, organizations and businesses can make contributions, bequests and endowments. The contributions, as well as income from invested funds, will be used for the awarding of scholarships to residents of the Town of Norwood. All contributions are tax deductible.